PromoShot Service

Want to show the world your day to day business from a different point of view? We can make that happen! 

With the latest technology in camera drones and handheld cameras, we capture the spirit of your company from different angles. Make your employees the star of the show!

 After filming and photographing we edit the footage, and add your company logo and message. The result will be a Social Media Ready content bundle containing:

  • 1 video of about 2,5 minutes in high 4K quality (perfect for websites and YouTube channels)
  • 1 video of 1 minute in high 4K quality (perfect for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • 1 video of 30 seconds in high 4K quality (perfect for Instagram and Facebook stories)
  • 5 photos from different angles

 The above can be edited to shorter, longer videos or in a lower resolution. After filming, the bundle will be transferred trough WeTransfer within 72 hours after filming.

To provide you with our very best service, we have the following procedure:

  1. After initial contact, we would like to meet (either face to face or video meeting) and hear your ideas.
  2. After the meeting, we use your ideas to write a script. This script will be sent to you for approval.
  3. After approval of the script, we plan a day for filming (based on weather conditions).
  4. We film on the premises, following all the safety guideline mentioned in our General Terms & Conditions.
  5. After filming we edit the footage and send a first draft trough WeTransfer. 
  6. Finally we will send a full Social Media Ready package trough WeTransfer, so all you have to do is upload t your channels! 

Want to have your company filmed or do you have a larger project in mind? Please contact us to check the possibilities.

Check out some of our recently shot work:

This service is provided as per our General Terms & Conditions, if you have any questions, please contact us.