Let's get technical!

Cargo inspections

Every ship has a cargo. Liquid, solid, project and sometimes passengers. With our high resolution photos and videos we can check on the cargo and its stowage from a safe distance, but into great detail. Or to picture the cargo holds upon port approach, to make sure all is proper and clean. We specialise in the following cargoes:

  • Wind mill equipment
  • Dry cargoes (grains, fertilisers, ores)
  • Cranes and other project cargo.
  • Barge cascos

We can document the cargo at sea while on port approach, on the river or at anchorage by using a launch.

Ship inspections

How is the ships condition? Is the paint job still okay? With the sharp images our drones record, we can tell you exactly what the condition is. For inspections we can either photograph the vessel at sea (by launch) or on the river, to make sure no cargo operations are disturbed or jetties are blocking the view.

Does your ship have a helicopter landing deck or area? As per new IMO regulations, all vessels with a helicopter landing deck need to have photos at its disposal from N,S,E,W ranging from 0.25 NM to 0.5 NM. This also comes in handy when the vessel needs to receive pilots by helicopter, to show exactly where the hoisting area is when the sip does not have a landing deck.

Our technical shoots are available from €395,00 (excl VAT), please feel free to contact us for any further information.

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