General Terms & Conditions

We fly and film with the highest regard to safety and privacy of our environment. The local laws and guidelines for flying drones are always followed, and we are both fully licensed drone pilots. In order to provide you our services safely we adhere to the following terms & conditions:

  • Weather should be suitable. This means: we will not fly with heavy rain and winds. Severe weather conditions can cause the drone to become uncontrollable and crash into people or equipment, and therefore is unsafe (besides the fact that no good footage will come of it). If in any case we (the drone pilots) will deem the weather unsuitable for flying, we will cancel the flight. Of course we will do our utmost to continue flying once weather improves, but this is not always an option.
  • No night time drone flights. This is also a very strict law in The Netherlands, and not negotiable. We must always be able to see our drone, in case our camera system fails. Only after receiving permission from local authorities (which will not be granted in the port of Rotterdam), is same possible. If we will not receive permission, we reserve the right to cancel the flight. This condition does not apply to handheld cameras.
  • All of our services are subject to receiving permission from local authorities and companies involved. If permission is not granted we will preserve the right to cancel the assignment.
  • Flying a drone is a 2 man job. Every flight will be preformed by 1 pilot and 1 spotter. The pilot focuses on the perfect shot, and the spotter is on the lookout for safety purposes (for example: warning people and the surroundings of the drone's presence). Without a spotter, we will not preform a flight.
  • As per local law, we do not exceed the maximum altitude of 120 meters (sometimes 90 meters) without local air traffic control permission. As most of the port of Rotterdam is covered by a "no fly zone" (due to the near Rotterdam - The Hague Airport), this limits our altitude zone most of the time.  Also we will not fly closer to ships, objects and crowds of people than 50 meters, as per local law. Upon request this can be changed, however, a different drone will be used with lower resolution video.
  • The video's and photo's we create are protected by copyright, if content made by ShipShot is used inappropriately, we will call upon this copyright to have it removed. All our initial content will be marked with a ShipShot logo because of this, and will only be removed after "approval for use" by all parties. 

Please note that the above Terms & Conditions are not negotiable, if at any point same cannot be met we will cancel the assignment.

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