Let us show you things from a new perspective!  


Welcome to our website! We are ShipShot a fully licensed company specialised in ship film and photography by drone and handheld cameras. 

From social media purposes to technical inspections, we have extensive experience in photography and know exactly at which angle you need your photo and video material. Our packages always include editing time, royalty free music, operational hours and permit costs (so no surprises after the fact). 

Want that perfect picture printed? No problem. We work closely with several partners whom can print the photo on paper (with frame), wood, canvas, wallpaper and even steel or aluminium. We ship the printouts worldwide or deliver on board the vessel upon request as well.

With our new ILENT license (license no. NLD-OAT-183/01G) we are allowed to fly our drones anywhere in the port of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Flushing. Our wide network of port agents and close contact with the port authorities makes it easy for us to keep track of your vessel, so you do not have to keep us updated and we can act within 2/3 hours of an order confirmation. 

Our procedure:

1. Reach out to us and let us know:

  • Vessel name
  • Vessel ETA
  • Name of the port agent

2. Within the hour we check and advise on:

  • Flight conditions (weather and restrictions)
  • Tariffs as per standard tariff list.

3. As soon as we receive the order confirmation, we will start the permit process (takes around 1 hour).

4. After the permit is received we will update you on the flight status.

5. When the flight is completed we update you and send 1 photo as sample.

6. We aim to deliver all draft material (photos and videos) within 24 hours after the flight.

7. All approved? That's great! Looking for some extra edits? No problem, we can make some extra edits.

8. After delivery of the material, we send the invoice directly or via port agent (to be included in FDA).

Any questions or require our tariff list? Please feel free to contact us.

Our Team:

Sander van Baalen

Sander van Baalen

Position: Co-owner, Drone pilot, Customer service

About me: "I like to create content that makes people happy, and shows people things from different angle."

For over 15 years, I have been a port agent in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, a beautiful job. In this job I see the beauty and diversity of the Shipping everyday, and love to share it with the world. With the latest drone and film technology, I can capture my point of view and share it with the world.

Rogier Grevel

Rogier Grevel

Position: Co-owner, Drone Pilot, Video / Photography Editor

About me: "To create something that makes people see things from a different point of view, is maybe the most beautiful thing there is"

My day to day job as a port agent (for almost 10 years now), has shown me a lot of beauty in an unexpected place. Where most just see industry and ships as grey and dull, I see things in a different light. By filming and photographing from a different angle, I like to create content to share that point of view.