Social Media Plan

Are you on Social Media?

If people have to ask you this question, the answer is probably "no". To have good and visible social media channels is a must in these times for a whole bunch of reasons:

  • Sales. Show people why you are the best!
  • Recruiting. Attract the right applicants and make your vacancies interesting.
  • Public Relations. Show everybody the best side of your company!

It is advisable to post 1 photo each week and 1 video each month as a regular basis and add to that with special occasions (for example events or achievements). But who has the time or inspiration to make such content? This is where we come in. We provide you with your own unique company social media content (photos and videos including captions) that is ready to post. We have a step by step plan to achieve the perfect social media plan for you:

  1. We create a stock of photos and videos in a Google Drive of your vessels or activities through one or more shoots.
  2. When the stock is built, we will create your own unique content style through which we make your posts.
  3. Every Monday we upload your photo and/or video in the Google Drive including captions, so all you have to do is post.
  4. Do you have a special event or achievement, that you want to have a post about? No worries, we can preform a shoot on short notice and deliver the material same day.
  5. Is your stock running low on photo and video material for posts? No worries, we give plenty notice so we can make an appointment for new shoots.

An example of what a photo post would look like in our own style:

We have social media plans for every budget and company size starting at €325,00 a month!

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